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Our insulation professionals are  qualified to provide insulation for various industrial settings that call for specific requirements and expertise. We have over 27 years of  experience servicing commercial buildings, a variety of both educational and  medical use facilities as well as facilities in the Bio-Technology industry.

Industrial Insulation


Spindle City Insulation is often required to provide our customers

with unique and custom insulation fabrication solutions to service their individual needs. Specialty fabrication services include but are not limited to removable insulation systems as well as thermal barrier products that are used in the Marine industry.

Marine Insulation



Spindle City Insulation uses state of the art products with top quality installation techniques. We provide insulation to mechanical systems in buildings or facilities to help enhance the performance of the system while preventing condensation, increasing energy efficiency, reducing noise and improving the aesthetics.  

Mechanical Insulation


Spindle City Insulation is a Women-Owned Business Enterprise that was incorporated in 1990 and has been WBE certified since 2006.  It is family owned and operated and has been supplying the construction industry with quality, state of the art mechanical, industrial and marine insulation for over 27 years.  We are a full service insulation company and our mission is to provide our customers with the highest level of safety, quality and productivity with personal and professional integrity. As a core value, SAFETY forms the foundation which we make our decision and preform our work with assuring that all employees are OSHA trained and certified. Spindle City Insulation takes pride in our customer relations and proficient project management. We communicate and coordinate with other trades, ensure that projects are completed on schedule and provide prompt and efficient solutions to any unforeseen issues that may arise.  As a result we have built strong, long lasting relationships with our customers.




Spindle City Insulation, Inc.



Proudly providing service for over 25 years!

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